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What time of day is best for photos?

The best for shooting are early morning around or shortly after sunrise and at sunset. While these times may seem limiting, these times allow me to make many creative choices with lighting while capturing the best color and light that are most flattering. During mid-day, the sun is high and direct and can cause limitations to what locations can be used.  I typically shoot sessions in the evening (in the summer and early fall) or mid/late afternoon in the colder months. Keep this in mind when planning and scheduling a session.


What about the weather?

Generally, I am able to shoot a portrait session in most weather and lighting conditions. Sometimes due to weather and limitations, we are required to modify our plan or use a back up location. I am able to protect my camera gear in light rain; however, if there are storms, rain, extreme temperatures/humidity, or high wind, that can negatively affect your comfort and our safety and make for a bad session. If bad weather is anticipated during the time of your session we will keep in close communication and decide if rescheduling is necessary.


Will you edit out my acne or scars?

I am very detail-oriented and experienced in portrait retouching, and I use only the best software to complete this task. Many people struggle with acne. Some people have scars or birthmarks they feel are distracting. Most of us at times have puffy under-eyes or even dark circles. As standard, I remove temporary blemishes such as cuts, bruises, or acne as part of my post-processing workflow. I will only remove scars or other permanent features/marks at your request. I will not make your skin look like plastic, but I’ll provide general overall skin smoothing to help minimize the look of pores, wrinkles, and dark circles without actually removing these features. Generally, I smooth skin a little less on male clients than I do on female clients.


Will I see all the photos you take?

 During a typical session, I may take a few hundred photos, with many of these being almost exact duplicates. I move around and have you change poses, adjusting how you look and how other elements in the photo look as I am shooting. I may adjust settings on my camera and lens to change the lighting or look of the photo. Due to this, you will not receive all of your photos. I will present to you only your very best photos from the session.

After the session, photos are downloaded to my computer where professional image editing software is required to view and edit the files. Here, I carefully review every photo. As I start my editing process, I first eliminate any photos that do not fit my  standards (i.e. blinking, hair blowing, odd expression, blurry or too dark/light). The remaining photos are closely compared, where I choose the best to hand-edit to completion. The images that I  choose to discard will not be available for viewing or purchase in either an unedited or edited form.

You can be assured that the images presented to you ARE the best from the session. I will not hide or keep amazing photos from you. I always provide an estimate or minimum number of images you will receive for each type of session. Sometimes that number ends up being higher, if I feel that there are more images that what we originally guessed would come from your session.


Will a disk of the pictures come with my session?