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Why Choose JWP

Personalized Experience

Part of creating an enjoyable and professional experience for you is providing a complete and personalized experience. I don’t treat my clients as just customers, and instead I work to develop a relationship with you. In order to provide the best experience to my clients, I only accept a limited number of sessions, and will not schedule sessions back-to-back or make you feel rushed. Individualized attention will allow me to provide you with quality photographs meant to be enjoyed for years.

All Natural Light Photography

This means I specialize in shooting portraits using ambient light from the sun, manipulating the light in the way I compose a shot and pose my subject. I prefer the way portraits look without the use of artificial lighting sources. Most sessions will be performed outdoors but can usually be performed indoors still with the use of natural light. With most locations I use, I can predict how the sun will affect the area and my subject during different times, weather, and seasons. I pay close attention to how light falls on my subjects. Portraits can be shot using natural light on a sunny day, on an overcast day, in any season, and even with a little rain!  (When need be of course, I do use some lighting assistance.)


Unique Locations

Some of my “trade secrets” are my locations. I pride myself in using different locations for almost every single shoot. If I do end up using a location more than once, I do my best to make the location look unique and different from other shoots that have taken place there. Or if need be, I often ‘abandon’ locations for a year or more.  I also typically avoid locations that other photographers might use in the area in order to help provide each of my clients with their own personalized photos. Using new and unique locations not only helps create unique photos, it also keeps me on my toes as a photographer to constantly challenge myself out in the field (pun intended!).
I use a variety of aesthetically appealing outdoor locations- from fields of flowers, to alley ways, to old weathered buildings, to tree-lined trails, many places can provide excellent backdrops. Rustic, urban, or contemporary – you choose the style and mood you want to convey for your session. I also take client safety seriously and will not photograph anyone in a dangerous location or on private property without prior permission.


Photojournalistic Style

Not only do I like to keep my locations unique, I also shoot in a style that is called photojournalistic photography or “candid” as many people call it. This means, I shoot moments as they happen. When I see you talking, walking, laughing, or just gazing off, that is when I shoot my photos. I do not pose my clients, but simply guide them to different positions that are the most flattering and looking the most natural for each person. The last thing I want is for you to get your photos back and have your family member or friend tell you that you do not look like yourself or that you look uncomfortable in your photos.  At the end of the day, they’re ‘your’ photos and they simply need to express YOU.

Photo Finishing

I compose and create photos artistically using visual elements such as color, light, shapes, lines, and varying perspectives, to bring the focus to you. My editing style is both classic and modern- I mix clean, crisp, color-rich editing styles with trending looks so that you can have the best of both. I always provide standard retouching and enhancements such as mild blemish removal, skin and wrinkle softening, and basic color/exposure adjustments. My rule is, (pretty much) anything not permanent I can edit out. After your session, each photo is carefully reviewed and hand picked for your final selection. Those that fit my professional and artistic standards are then hand-edited. Each image is checked for consistency before they go out the door. Photos are sharp and produced at a quality meant for displaying in print, not just for looking good on a computer screen.


Professional Equipment and Software

I use professional-grade cameras and lenses to capture all of my photos. I also process images using both Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop, on a color-calibrated monitor. Using professional equipment and computer software helps to ensure a high standard of quality finished products.

I won’t take any chances of losing your beautiful photos. Because one can never be too prepared, I take several measures to ensure image files from your session are not lost. In the digital world, hard drives can fail and files can become corrupt. While nothing is 100% foolproof, you can rest easy knowing your photos are safe. Photos are backed up locally and on multiple, secure cloud drives. If my computer crashes, your photos won’t crash with it.

A Value-Added Service

Custom photography is a luxury and an investment. This doesn’t mean it is a cost that is out of reach, however. While you may have to plan ahead and save up a little, the reward for choosing custom photography over ‘cookie cutter’ services and images is the time I invest in you and your photos. Behind the scenes, I have already invested money, time, college education, and effort to be able to bring the level of quality that is provided.

Quality Finished Products

Beautiful photos deserve to be artfully displayed. I offer a variety of mediums for your finished photos- all produced at professional-only print labs. Traditional prints, standout prints, canvas wraps, metal prints, and other products are available. Photos will be packaged with a personal touch. For those who wish to take printing into their own hands, I also offer digital copies of your final photos- complete with each session. At your consultation, we’ll discuss a little about your wishes for your finished products.


Hidden Costs & Minimum Orders

None! To make it simple, all my prices are clearly listed in the Investment section of my website.  I base my pricing on an a la carte model and do not require you to purchase packages. I do not require minimum print orders, nor do I have “fine-print” costs associated with my services.


Availability is limited. Please request your session four to eight weeks in advance. Late fall through early spring scheduling is limited to weekends due to early sunsets.  My schedule becomes especially busy in the summer and fall- particularly August through October.  Non-refundable retainer fees are required to reserve.

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